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Research Areas

Complementary Learning

Linking families, schools, and communities to support success in school and in life.

Family Involvement

Promoting strategies to support family involvement in children’s learning and development.

Out-of-School Time

Supporting the accessibility, quality, and sustainability of out-of-school time programs and initiatives.

Early Childhood Education

Promoting innovative program development, family–provider relationships, community collaborations, & successful transitions.


Helping organizations get the information they need to develop and execute effective strategies.

Other Research Areas

Exploring new ideas and research areas.

New at HFRP

Recording of Cyber Walk-Through: Professional Development in Family Engagement

Looking for professional development resources to promote family engagement? If so, watch this 12-minute cyber walk-through of the professional development section of the HFRP website!

Hold the Line: Engagement Practices that Welcome Families in Poverty (Education Update, ASCD, September 2015)

Explore innovative and creative engagement strategies to help schools form better partnerships with families from low-income households

Something Borrowed, Something New: Libraries as Learning Hubs

Resources about libraries as evolving community spaces where learning actively occurs for the whole family.

Our newest FINE Newsletter! Blended Learning: Preparing and Supporting Educators to Engage Families

Learn how blended learning is changing the look and feel of how educators are developing the competencies they need to engage families in meaningful ways.

Bridging Worlds Interactive Case

Through this online learning tool, you will explore the complex issues surrounding the transition to kindergarten and the importance of family engagement in the process.

Create Your Own Case Toolkit

A new professional development toolkit that promotes family engagement by helping those who work with families create their own cases!

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