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Learning Together—Exploring a Nonprofit-Museum-Preschool-Family Partnership Model

Learn how a New York City program is exploring an ambitious citywide museum-preschool-family partnership to provide anywhere, anytime learning opportunities for young children from low-income households.

Libraries Helping to Close the Opportunity Gap: Maryland Library Partnership 

By providing families with high-quality services and activities, the Maryland Library Partnership reaches out to parents to help them with their children’s learning. Learn how these efforts are paying off!

Family Involvement News: June 2014

Stay informed—read about student-led parent-teacher conferences, debates about parent involvement research, text messaging to reach parents, and more!

The Transition to Afterschool: One City’s Approach to Connecting Young Children and Their Families to Learning and Enrichment Opportunities

Ensure a successful transition experience! Find out in this video how Cambridge, Massachusetts, is connecting young children and their families to afterschool learning and enrichment opportunities prior to kindergarten enrollment.

Q & A With Susan Leger Ferraro and Fran Hurley: Learning Through Technology-Infused Play

Explore anywhere, anytime learning through creative play at Imajine That Museum and Educational Play Space, where families bring their children to play, socialize, and learn as a family.

Bringing Families Into Out-of-School Time Learning

Find out how shifting from a “program-centered” to a “learning-centered” approach to engaging families in children’s out-of-school time learning benefits youth, their families, and the programs themselves.

Family Engagement in Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Discover the advantages and enormous potential of anywhere, anytime learning to help close the opportunity gap and make families an integral part of children’s learning both in and out of school!

Redefining Family Engagement for Student Success

This paper offers an expanded definition of family engagement based on research about children’s learning and the relationships among families, schools, and communities in support of such learning. The topics presented in this paper were originally introduced as commentaries in the August 2009, November 2009, and April 2010 issues of the FINE Newsletter.

Family Engagement as a Shared Responsibility in a Digital Learning Environment

The rapid spread of digital media in daily life challenges us to think imaginatively about what we need to do to optimize digital media use for children’s learning and how to make it happen.

Seamless and Connected—Education in the Digital Age

Innovative strategies and engaging digital media activities allow educational institutions to connect young people’s learning to their social lives, communities, interests, and careers.

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