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Q & A With S. Craig Watkins: Family Engagement in Connected Learning

Learn about the family’s role in connected learning and how students can link what they learn in schools, afterschool programs, and their communities using digital technology.

Leave Them Wanting More!: Engaging Youth in Afterschool

Learn how engagement in afterschool can lead to positive outcomes for youth as they explore new interests, develop identities, and collaborate with peers and adults.

“This Is Their House, Too”: An Afterschool Space Designed for and by Teenagers

This case study of the Everett Boys & Girls Club provides ideas on how to keep middle and high school youth engaged in afterschool programming.

Resources for Promoting Child Development

Explore resources from the Office of Head Start’s National Centers to find practical tools that you can use to implement comprehensive, two-generation approaches to child development.

Four Important Things Research Tells Us About the Transition to School

Four important things research tells us about the transition to school—it’s about equity, student outcomes, the role of families, and relationships.

Engaging Families in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Project-Based Learning

Iridescent, an organization funded by the National Science Foundation, ensures that children and families have the opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering, and math anywhere, anytime.

Building Bridges to Success

Learn how foundations can create initiatives to pave the way for ready children, ready families, ready schools, and ready communities across the transition to school.

Bibliography of Transition Research

A smooth transition to school can increase the likelihood of children’s positive outcomes. Read more about the research supporting the transition to school.

Family Involvement News: March 2015

Learn how to transform experiences working with families into meaningful professional development, how to foster home–school connections, how to engage families with technology, and more!

Q & A With Comienza en Casa: Using Technology to Smooth the Transition to School for Migrant Children and Families

Check out how caregivers can use technology and traditional learning activities to turn the home into a space for early learning.

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